2010 Summer Interns

Another summer of internships has come to a close.  Here is a little bit of the fun our interns had while they were here.

Thanks to Taylor Porter, Nick Pressley, Frank Previch, Shane Cronin, and Doug Drake. 

From here our interns are hopefully off to bigger and better things.  Taylor is off to be a strength intern, and possibly GA at the University of Louisville.  Nick is headed back to the University of West Florida where he will continue to be a Graduate Asst. under head strength coach Kent Morgan.  Shane is completing his final year of school, and playing football at the Univ. of Sioux Falls.  Doug will be helping out coach Kathy Wagner at his alma mater Univ. of Texas-Arlington, and Frank is wondering through life looking for an opportunity.  Haha, just kidding Frank.  Frank has a few different opportunities on the horizon.   He will determine the best path in the end. 

Thanks to these guys for their hard work, and we will welcome a new class to torture in just under 3 weeks.


2 thoughts on “2010 Summer Interns”

  1. “Shane the Drill Killa”! lol! I had forgot about all of the fun things we had to do! This is all great info on this site, very helpful. Thanks Zach!

    1. The summer internship was a great experience, and keep up with the good work on the site. Thank again Zach.

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