Four Components of the Warm Up

One thing that often time gets overlooked is the warmup.  The warmup for my athletes is too important to brush over.  Time is a limiting factor in most of our day at the NCAA level so we use our warmup needs to achieve 4 things in each session: 1. Movement Skills – We utilize a variety of … Continue reading Four Components of the Warm Up

Great Interview w/ Shon Grosse

One of our strength coaches led me to an interview today at Bret Contreras’ website.   It’s with physical therapist Shon Grosse.  Shon touches on great points such as being a great strength coach means being a great coach first and foremost.  This is an often misunderstood especially with young pups getting into the field of strength … Continue reading Great Interview w/ Shon Grosse

Pull-ups, or Chin-ups

I read this article a while back in the NSCA Journal and forgot about it until I saw a post by Mike Reinold earlier this week.  Surface Electromyographic Activation Patterns and Elbow Joint Motion During a Pull-Up, Chin-Up, or Perfect-Pullup™ Rotational Exercise If you haven’t read the article its pretty evident that it compares muscle activation during the … Continue reading Pull-ups, or Chin-ups

Get Body Smart

Today, I’m sharing with everyone a great resource when it comes to understanding muscle anatomy.  The website is titled Get Body Smart.  I have included a link to the muscular system page, but the website actually goes over almost everything pertaining to human anatomy and physiology. I think the muscular system tutorials are terrific … Continue reading Get Body Smart

The Scap Dip

A great movement for training scapular depression is the scap dip.  Scap depression is extremely important for shoulder health as well as stability.  Depression helps to keep the scapulae out of a rounded over, and pulled forward position.  The pec minor as well as the lower trapezius are responsible for scap depression.  Often, the lower trap is inhibited, … Continue reading The Scap Dip

Are your scaps working?

When we do pulling movements we should be thinking about retraction and depression of the scapulae (shoulder blades).  Many athletes perform pulling movements incorrectly, compensating with humeral hyperextension.  In humeral hyperextension the humerus moves behind the torso with no action coming from the retraction of the shoulder blades.   As athletes pull only with the arms the scapula goes into anterior … Continue reading Are your scaps working?

The Other Shrug

I’m sure a lot of coaches and athletes out there have seen the overhead shrug done before but may wonder why it’s good for shoulder health.  Lets start out by examining the anatomy of the scap a little bit.  There are three muscles responsible for upward rotation of the scapula.  Again, upward rotation of the … Continue reading The Other Shrug

External Impingement – PART III

Continuing on with Part III of our shoulder series we come to impingement and its different forms.  There is internal, and external impingement.  Each comes with its own set of problems as well as treatments.  If you haven’t caught the other two previous parts you can find them below.  Shoulder Mobility and the Fist to … Continue reading External Impingement – PART III

Shoulder Series and the Sleeper – Part II

We’ll continue our shoulder series with Part II today.  Be sure to read Part I if you haven’t already.  So with the athlete in question that we talked about in Part I the overwhelming question is what do we do with him now.  Well the non glamorous answer is that we just have to stretch him.  … Continue reading Shoulder Series and the Sleeper – Part II

In Memory of Charlie Francis

Charlie Francis, the world-renowned sprint coach passed away this past week from Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  Charlie’s concepts were and still are a huge influence on the programming of my athlete’s training.  He has given the world of track and field, strength and conditioning, and anything related to sports performance a great deal.  The background on … Continue reading In Memory of Charlie Francis